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Become an Annual Sponsor

Here is an opportunity to join in on the movement that is sweeping the AV industry and get your brand associated with "Leading with Quality".

The Association for Quality in Audio Visial Technology, Inc. (AQAV) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to improving the operational art of designing and installing audiovisual technology by focusing on the quality management systems of those who design and install for the benefit of the industry and all its stakeholders; clients and users of AV technology, AV designers and installers, equipment manufacturers, related construction and architectural firms and the environment.


It does so by:

  • defining standards for quality management systems for AV technology providers.

  • providing training on AV quality issues.

  • providing appraisal audits for AV systems.

  • providing appraisal audits for AV companies.


By having your name associated with AQAV, you tell the best AV companies that your brand stands for QUALITY, for client satisfaction, and advancing the operational art of audiovisual design and integration.


Here is a detailed summary of the sponsorship program:

Manufacturer Yearly Sponsorship

This is an opportunity for manufacturers to support a Non-Profit that focuses on Industry training. 


  • Many manufacturers do not realize the importance that AQAV plays in the success of their ever-growing business. AQAV creates a culture of AV professionals who execute at higher levels, reducing the need for continuous product support during all stages of the AV process.

  • AQAV also stands for the highest level of Quality standards that can be achieved in AV. Supporting AQAV demonstrates the high value manufacturers place on the quality of their products and reputation.

Opportunity for manufacturers to support a Non-Profit that focuses on Industry training. We would also promote their training-centered activities through our membership communications. We would have
access to company logos and be able to promote them as a sponsor through social media branding:

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