"The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking."

Albert Einstein


Call for Content

AQAV is looking for assistance from our membership in the form of webinars, blogs, and testimonials about Quality-minded AV. Please help improve your industry by considering becoming a content creator for the premier quality association of, by, and for the AV industry.


AQAV is in the process of setting up a series of webinars about Quality in AV.


We are looking for presenters to discuss quality management within the AV industry. Topics can range from process management, to case studies, to new ways of applying quality ideals to our industry.


You will be able to reach a passionate and impressive group of people from the AV industry who are dedicated to improving the operational art of AV. Webinars should be kept to 45 minutes to allow interaction with the audience at the end. 


Please submit your topics here.



AQAV is looking for content writers to discuss Quality AV out in the real world.


If you have an exciting story to tell about how quality has improved the way you deliver or manage AV, think about sharing it with the industry to help elevate how we do AV.


Blogs can be personal anecdotes, white papers, or just musings about Quality in AV.


Blogs should be kept to about 750 words and will be included in our monthly newsletter which is distributed to the entire AQAV membership.


Please submit your blogs here.



If Webinars and Blogs are too tall an order, you can still help AQAV and the industry by providing a quick testimonial about how your #AVLife has changed after applying the AV9000 standard.


Testimonials can be a quick little video or a few words to share with others about the effect AV9000 has had on your team, your job, and/or your current project.


These testimonials are easy to consume and connect to people on a different level than the more formal content described above.

Please drop a quick testimonial, story, snippet, or just say #HelloToIrene here. #WhyAQAV