“If you don't know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing.” – W. Edwards Deming


Competent Quality Assurance Leader-AV

This course is for the owners and supervisors of AV companies.  It contains a primer on Quality Management Systems, and a glimpse into the true costs of poor quality, which are essentially hidden so that participants can appreciate the ROI of quality initiatives and their dramatic effect on profits, morale, and sales.


Most companies have someone accountable for Sales Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Purchasing Management, etc.  How many can identify a C-level individual who is accountable for managing the quality of what they sell?  Ironically, when a company has an effective and competent Quality Manager, all the aforementioned in the Management Team has a much easier job.  You get paid faster.  Your customers sell more than your salespeople.

The CQL program dispels the misunderstandings surrounding quality in AV, addresses ROI, suggests a "how to" in Training Management, presents the ABC's for creating procedures for consistent, defect-free operations, explains how to integrate the AV9000 Standard into day-to-day operations, and shows how to improve a corporate culture of quality.


This is program is tailored to an individual company and is only available by appointment and will be held at your facility.

If your company is interested in the program please email admin@aqav.org for pricing and availability.