“If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing..” – W. Edwards Deming

Certified Quality Assurance Technician-AV

CQD and CQT personnel are trained to be “AV Auditors”, whose actual product is a report of findings from the audit. The real value comes not from the CQD or CQT auditors correcting the defects themselves, but instead by reviewing the findings of the report with the personnel that was responsible for the effort being audited. In this way, once the other team members understand the non-conformances, and why they are defects, they will no longer produce them in future projects (“continuous improvement”). This has a significant effect on the AV company’s bottom line since these defects are a significant cost, it will in all likelihood be eventually uncovered by the client, where the corrective actions will come at a substantially higher cost.

CQT Candidates demonstrate that the individual possesses the basic knowledge and skills for monitoring and measuring quality while the AV system is designed and developed (Site Ready, Staging, Commissioning, and Acceptance Milestones), that they can set an audio system's gain structure, and that they have a basic understanding of quality principles and preparing an AV audit.  In the end, they can apply the checklists and test instrumentation on a system and verify the conformance of an AV system in product, practices, and performance.

24 Renewal Credits

The CQT is in three (3) parts.
•    Part 1 – WCEA online.
•    Part 2 – 2-days on Zoom
•    Part 3 – In person testing


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