"Quality is not an act, it is a habit." -  Aristotle


Overview of AQAV's Educational Offerings

AQAV courses differ from other industry training, focusing on critically needed skills not being addressed elsewhere. This principle difference is most evident in AQAV’s concentration on group activity and interdependency. Audiovisual technology is complex; so complex, in fact, that individual technical skills are insufficient to deliver and maintain quality installations.  Quality, defined as conformance to customer requirements, necessitates teams collaborating and coordinating. In that way, AQAV’s education and training focus on the “human system” that designs, installs and maintains AV systems. AQAV offers educational tracks for each member of the quality-focused team.

CQL training is best suited for company ownership and upper management.

CQT training is best suited for tech managers, Project Managers, and anyone involved in installing AV systems.

The CQD training is best suited for tech managers, engineers, sales personnel, project managers, con--sultants and anyone involved in selling and designing AV systems.

AQAV does not train personnel on how to design and install AV systems. It is assumed that candidates already know this. AQAV instead trains people on how to verify whether a design or an installation is in compliance with the client's order and identify any defects that must be corrected.


The AV9000 Standard includes a battery of tests to be applied at each major milestone in the development of an AV project to assure that the system is being designed and implemented in accordance with what the customer ordered, that it will perform as intended and that it adheres to the best industry practices so that it can be serviced and maintained well after it is installed.  They have been honed by thousands of systems to be as efficient as possible while still carefully uncovering every defect in workmanship from the simplest to the most complex of AV systems. 


CQD and CQT personnel are trained to be "AV Auditors," whose actual product is a report of findings from the audit.  The real value comes not from the CQD or CQT auditors correcting the defects themselves, but instead by reviewing the findings of the report with the personnel that was responsible for the effort being audited.  In this way, once the other team's members understand the non-conformances, and why they are defects, they will no longer produce them in future projects ("continued improvement").  This has a significant effect on the AV company's bottom line, since these defects are a significant cost, and it will in all likelihood be eventually uncovered by the client, where the corrective actions will come at a substantially higher cost.


CQD Candidates demonstrate that the individual possess the basic knowledge and skills for monitoring and measuring quality while the AV system is designed and developed. (Contract Review, Design Review, Engineering Review, Milestones), that they can themselves create an EDID plan, and that they have a basic understanding of quality principles and preparing an AV audit.  In the end, they can apply the checklist, manufacturers manuals and the mathematical tools they are given to properly review a design.


CQT Candidates demonstrates that the individual possesses the basic knowledge and skills for monitoring and measuring quality while the AV system designed and developed (Site Ready, Staging, Commissioning and Acceptance Milestones), that they can set an audio system's gain structure and that they have a basic understanding of quality principles and preparing an AV audit.  In the end, they can apply the checklists and test instrumentation on a system and verify conformance of an AV system in products, practices, and performance.


The CQL course is for owners and supervisors of AV companies.  It contains a primer on Quality Management Systems, and a glimpse into the true costs of poor quality, which are essentially hidden so that participants can appreciate the ROI of quality initiatives and their dramatic effect on profits, moral, and sales.


Most companies have someone accountable for Sales Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Purchasing Management, etc.  Howe many can identify a C-level individual who is accountable for managing the quality of what they sell?  Ironically, when a company has an effective and competent Quality Manager, all the aforementioned in the Management Team has a much easier job.  You get paid faster.  Your customer sells more than your salespeople.


The CQL program dispels the misunderstanding surrounding quality in AV, addresses ROI, suggests a "how to" to Training Management, presents the ABC's for creating procedures for consistent, defect-free operations, explains how to integrate the AV9000 Standard into day-to-day operations and shows how to improve a corporate culture of quality.


The Association for Quality in Audio Visual Technology, Inc. admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.