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May 10, 2018

Thanks to our generous fundraiser sponsors, attendees, and donors, we are able to provide 4 scholarships for CQD or CQT training.

NSCA Support Statement for AQAV Much like NSCA, AQAV is dedicated to helping integrators improve their businesses and provide better services and solutions to their customers. We support AQAV’s focus on quality AV installation – which is becoming more difficult to achieve given increasingly complex and ever-changing technology, and convergence of AV and IT. “To help integrators contain and control costs, and keep up with today’s AV technology, NSCA shares in AQAV’s mission to encourage strong processes, standards, audits, and training. NSCA is proud to support this organization and its Music is Life fundraiser to raise awareness about the benefits of joining AQAV – and to establish much-needed industry scholarships,” says Chuck Wilson, NSCA executive director. “We place high value in quality, and the commissioning guidelines are a very good tool for our members.”


Individual Donations

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Can you Imagine seeing Paul McCartney in Red Square bringing tens of thousands of people cheering as one, swept up with emotion and waving their arms in the air, singing to “Hey, Jude”. It is inspiring and uplifting, but it’s hard to imagine the event without the LED displays and the full range sound system. The role of AV has nobility we should recognize and cherish along with an appreciation of the music.

Without AV many events like Paul McCartney in Red Square would not happen or have the impact it has without the use of AV technology.   


Our clients will congratulate each other on the success of a meeting or the accomplishment of pulling off an outside event but, the "AV Guy" will only hear what went wrong and why doesn't it work properly.



The amount of knowledge a person in AV needs to know these days is just immense and it is changing constantly. That's where AV9000 comes in.  By following a Quality Management System (QMS) or even, just the checklist, the AV technician or designer has a consistent way of checking their work and finding and correcting problems before the client even knows any problems exist.  The technology manager gains confidence in their AV provider because they are assured that they will be receiving a system installation that is DONE, DONE!  The bottom line, Everyone Wins!


This fundraiser is to raise awareness as to what AQAV can provide your organization and to establish four (4) full scholarships worth $2,150.00 each. (Membership is not included and the prize has no monetary equivalent).  Please show your support for the scholarship fund by providing a donation today!  For example, gift cards, any item perhaps even a donation of your time to train on a specific subject.


Should you make a donation for the silent auction, your business will be recognized on auction displays at the event, on our website, in all subsequent emails, as well as, in the fundraiser invite, if a donation is received in time. We will also provide a donation receipt letter with AQAV’s tax-exempt ID number for your records.


Your support is, as always, very much appreciated!  

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