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AQAV 2017 Awards Program

Mark Peterson Technology Manager

Award for AV Quality Excellence

Mark Peterson was the former head of Multimedia of Morgan Stanley and a pioneer of AV quality. In 2004 during a rollout of approximately 350 or so rooms, Mark insisted on quality monitoring and actual performance measurements, enlisting the services of a third party testing and verification provider, and applying the precursor to the Av9000 standard's staging and commissioning checklists to every room. Mark's courageous dedication, discipline, and fairness in applying the Standard made him the bellwether in an industry where the pirates and cowboys prevail. the outcome was very successful, and Mark presented this solution two-years later at InfoComm. He became the model for those who insist on quality despite the inertia of those who would accept the status quo.

Matt Sherer, CQT, CQD, CTS-D, CTS-I Assistant Chief Engineer University of Illinois

The 2017 recipient is Matthew Sherer.

The University of Illinois was an early adopter of AV9000, placing it into their RFP's, and insisting on AQAV certifications from its vendors. matt and his predecessor Dan Doolen engaged with the bureaucracy of the fine university, its purchasing silos, and lawyers to do so. It takes commitment, courage, and dedication to quality. the results have been subjected to as it is assimilated into the IT world has been dramatic. Matt, who holds both CQD and CQT credentials, has been holding his own in the chaos, assuring the AV900 Standard remains as the quality assurance language of their procurement processes.


Quality Champion Award

Each year AQAV recognizes companies that embark down that daunting path of forging Quality into their very essence. These companies establish a system of organized processes in order to assure quality for their customers, manage information and provide for continual improvement that is the very definition of Quality management. it starts with an enlighted management that recognizes the value of quality, which then identifies a Champion that becomes authorized to transcend normal organizational lines and bring their special skills of Coach, Information Systems Engineer, Listener, and Leader. These Champions also have the articulation to actually create a paper model for their companies in which information and material flow in a consistent manner, and instill the discipline for all to follow and improve the plan. Whereas we recognize these Champions, we must also recognize that the Champion cannot endure without that enlightened management to back that Champion. That combined management team is what brings quality to the customer . To these companies "Better Quality through Marketing" just doesn't cut it. They actually do what they say.

Jeremy Elsesser, CQT, CQD, CTS-I, CTS-D Level 3 AV

The 2017 recipient winner is Jeremy Elsesser. Jeremy has very successfully applied AV9000, enjoys the benefits, became an Educational Partner of AQAV and has become a well-practiced member of the AQAV faculty. He actively participates on the Revision Committee, promotes AQAV in InfoComm classes, podcasts and AV literature.


Quality Volunteer Award

AQAV is a volunteer operation. We depend on those who live for the operational art and recognize the benefits, both economic and emotional, of embracing and living quality in their work. We recognize those who gave up their own valuable time to this noble cause to keep the Movement speaking throughout the industry.

Mike Keadle, CQT, CQD, CTS-I, CTS-D NCS - TX

The 2017 recipient winner is Mike Keadle. Mike has hosted CQD training at his facility, actively promoted AQAV training programs to his colleagues and customers alike, assisted by instructing for us in our troubleshooting class and actively participates in the AV9000 Revision Committee.


Certificates of Recognition

Vice President Global Media Implementation, JP Morgan Chase & Co., CQD & CQT

Manager of Audiovisual Technologies, Western Washington University, CTS-D, CTS-I, CQD & CQT

Engineer, One Workplace, CTS-I, CQT

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