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This membership type is intended for individuals who are buyers of AV technology. NOT integrators.  For us to confirm that you are entitled to a $1 technology Manager's Membership, you must register with a company email address.  Yahoo, Google, Hotmail, etc. will not be accepted.


One membership per company.


Join the Movement. Join AQAV. Since the AV9000 Standard is written for the Buyer, the only “cost” of membership in the first year is the adoption of the AV9000 Standard as the quality assurance language in the RFP’s for audiovisual systems and services.


Membership renews every three (3) years.  To renew, we request that you send us a copy of an RFP showing that you continue to utilize AV9000 as the minimum quality assurance language. Don't do RFP's? No problem, you can also submit a completed design, staging or commissioning checklist.


This membership is for end users ONLY.

$1 Donation is to ensure the validity of the order.

Technology Manager

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