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Cost of Poor Quality
AV Companies
& Tech Managers

Calculating Worksheet


“Do Your Homework!  

How Much Did That Last AV System  REALLY Cost You?”

What is the price of poor quality? Can it be calculated? 


Yes, it can be calculated! 

Whether you are a Tech Manager or an AV Contractor, you can ​ Download the "Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)" calculator and see for yourself.

Standards Specification

The language to be added to your boilerplate to put you on your way to receiving a defect-free AV system.

The checklists contained in the Specifications are compliant with the latest version of the AV9000 Standard and have been proven to be the most economic path in defining a defect-free AV system. 

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Discerning Questions to Ask

Prospective AV Systems Providers

Now that you know how much your last system really cost you and have the language for your next RFP, now you need an AV systems provider.

To get you started, here are some questions to ask to help you narrow down your choice of a provider.

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IMSM Facts
Facts about ISO 9001

Facts about ISO 9001.

The quality standard that goes straight to your bottom line.

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