“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” - Henry Ford


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AQAV's approach to bringing quality management into the industry has its parallels in other industries. Note that the organizations that create and maintain the quality standards are separate from the industry association:

NSCA Support Statement for AQAV Much like NSCA, AQAV is dedicated to helping integrators improve their businesses and provide better services and solutions to their customers. We support AQAV’s focus on quality AV installation – which is becoming more difficult to achieve given increasingly complex and ever-changing technology, and convergence of AV and IT. “To help integrators contain and control costs, and keep up with today’s AV technology, NSCA shares in AQAV’s mission to encourage strong processes, standards, audits, and training. NSCA is proud to support this organization and its Music is Life fundraiser to raise awareness about the benefits of joining AQAV – and to establish much-needed industry scholarships,” says Chuck Wilson, NSCA executive director. “We place high value in quality, and the commissioning guidelines are a very good tool for our members.”

I give this course an A+. Attention to detail is imperative to delivering a system with no defects and has very long longevity in the field. The technologies will change before the system no longer operates. 


May 2020

"At UGS, it has no longer a recommendation, it is a REQUIREMENT to be CQT certified in order to hold a Field Engineer position. Even PM's will begin attending the course to have a clearer understanding of systems deployment and client turnover. The more educated we are, the better quality product we can provide to our customers."


Brooklyn, NY

Take the jump from thinking it's right to KNOWING its right! Make no mistake-AV is never going away....as long as there are eyes, ears, and mouths in the room - Quality Audio Visual will be required!​

B.L., AVI Systems

Cincinatti, OH

“There can be a rational systematic way to achieve consistent results in AV."

K.M., Smithsonian

Washington, DC

"Just wanted to let you know that the AQAV training has paid off.  Since beginning to use the checklist system we've seen far fewer installation errors this past year than any I have records for."

D.S., Illinois State University

Normal, IL

Though it is not likely that I will be doing any of the actual commissioning taught in this class, I will be able to pass on my knowledge to those that will be. Also, it is great that I now have a knowledgeable understanding of the tests and what the results mean. I will also be recommending that others be required to do this process and get the certification. I will be reviewing our current commissioning procedures and see what processes can be improved on.

L.P., JPMorgan

New York, NY

"Being able to audit a system is the only way to make sure it is working up to its potential. It is also absolutely key to having assured quality.”

B.B., Smithsonian

Washington, DC

"Not only did the CQD meet my expectations, it exceeded any I had!"

J.H., AVSI Group

Houston, TX

“Quality is key to making life not so crappy.”​

N.W., Smithsonian

Washington, DC

"I was not familiar with the standards promoted by AV9000 and am impressed with the thoroughness and potentially revolutionary effect it may have on the industry."

K.M., Smithsonian

Washington, DC

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