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Why a Separate Quality Organization?

AQAV's approach to bringing quality management into the industry has its parallels in other industries. Note that the organizations that create and maintain the quality standards are separate from the industry association:

Automotive Industry

  • Quality Standard (originally):  QS9000

  • Quality Organization: AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group)

  • Industry Association: Alliance of Automotive Manufacturers

Aerospace Industry

  • Quality Standard: AS9100

  • Quality Organization: IAQG (Aerospace Quality Group)

  • Industry Association: Aerospace Industry Association

Telecommunications Industry

  • Quality Standard: TL9000

  • Quality Organization: QuEST (Quality Excellence Suppliers of Telecommunications)

  • Industry Association: TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association)

Audiovisual Industry

  • Quality De Facto Standard: AV9000

  • Quality Organization: AQAV

(The Association for Quality in Audiovisual Technology, Inc.)

  • Industry Association: AVIXA