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AQAV does not train personnel on how to design and install AV systems. It is assumed that candidates already know this. AQAV instead trains people on how to verify whether a design or an installation is in compliance with the client's order and identify any defects that must be corrected.



AV9000 Compliance is becoming a requirement for more and more buyers of AV Technology.

Individual skills and certifications are of course a necessity for assuring quality, but without Quality Management in the AV Company's internal processes, there is no assurance of consistency in what the Company provides.  AV9000 Compliance goes beyond individual skills.  It verifies that there is evidence that those individual skills are being applied in a manner to assure that the buyer is getting what was ordered.


Already an ISO 9001 Certified Company?

Continue by Filing for AV9000 Certification in 3 additional steps:

  • Apply for AV9000 Compliance 

  • Submit a copy of the company’s ISO9000 certificate.

  • Submit a copy of the company's Quality Policy Statement.

how to get




easy steps

Download your application



Submit your application and documentation. 
Click the button below to begin your submission. All documentation must be submitted at one time. Application and documentation for the AV9000 Compliance Program will not be processed without the payment of the application filing fee.  Companies in good standing receive a discount.  Contact for your code.



An AQAV Audit Team Member will contact you to schedule your audit.

Passed your Audit?
Congratulations! You will receive your AV9000 Certification via email within 24-48 hours. Compliance and/or Certification renews annually. 


ISO 9001
Quality Management System

Certification shows that your organization's quality processes have been audited against the ISO 9001 standards with third-party certification bodies offering independent confirmation that an organization's management systems meet the requirements of the standard.


For additional information on ISO 9000 go to ASQ.

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Elevate Your Reputation with
ISO Certification

AV9000 Compliance provides the first level of evidence to a buyer that the AV Company is applying Quality Management in the services it provides and is meant to be a stepping stone to AV9000 Certification.

IMSM (International Management Systems Marketing) are leading ISO specialists that deliver high quality ISO consultancy services and standards to organizations of all sizes, from all sectors, all over the world.

IMSM will work at fixed fees and never charge for expenses. They are a worldwide firm and have helped over 15,000 clients attain many ISO standards.

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