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It is important to remember that we do not teach you to be a technician or a designer, we teach quality assurance.


  • CTS, CTS-I, CTS-D, and/or

  • 4+ years of experience in AV design and installations

Let's Get Registered

So which class is appropriate for you?

  • CQT - Engineers in the field, installers, programmers, and even project managers can benefit from this class. (CTS-I)

  •  CQD - Engineer, programmer, advanced sellers who are technical. (CTS-D)

Step 1.


Step One

Register for

CQD/CQT Remote Online Training or

In-Person Training.

  • Click the link below to register and pay.

Step 2.

Step Two



Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email.

REMOTE - 2-days

  • This email will contain directions and confirm access to the online Part 1 training.

  • You will need to complete Part 1, which is self-paced prior to the start of the remote class you are taking.

  • The week of your remote session, you will receive another email confirming access to Part 2 of the training.

IN-PERSON -3-days

  • you will receive a confirmation email.

  • you do not have to take Part 1 as it is included in the training.

All Set!

Need Help? Have a Question?

Upon completion, you will receive your certificate via email.

All certifications are good for three (3) years.

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