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A Message from Our Instuctor
A Message from Our Founder

The renewal of the certification includes evidence that the candidate continues to comply with the AV9000 Standard.
Quality includes continual improvement through innovation, and some companies improve upon and change the AV9000 inspection checklists to comply more closely with the systems they themselves install. This makes sense and is in fact encouraged. 
But when a company creates their own checklist format, even if based on AV9000, and even if the inspection tests are germane, indeed inspired, and the inspection tests clearly differ from the Standard, it becomes impossible for a Quality Assessor to evaluate compliance to the AV9000 Standard.  
We recommend starting with the AV9000 format so that the Assessor can easily observe compliance and companies can ADD their company-generated inspection items, clearly showing them to be “over and above” the Standard, all the while maintaining the authenticity of  the AV9000 Standard.


AQAV Director Emeritus

How to Renew

step-by-step instructions

This is a 2 part process.

You must complete both parts.  

Once everything has been completed and submitted,

it can take 2-4 weeks to review your documentation

and you will receive your renewal certification via email.

Click the button below for specific details.

How to Renew
Step 1.

Login to the education portal to take the renewal course and quiz.


Step One


what you should know

  • Contact to find out your status.  

  • If you know your status is not expired please go to the Certified Members Portal.  (Video Directions)

  • If your certification date is expired, but not by more than 6 months, contact to have your account reactivated.

  • If your certification date has expired and is not within 6 months, you will need to retake the course/exam.

  • Please note that a separate application is required to renew each certification. 

  • A score of 80% or better on the final quiz is required. Quiz topics reflect the changes made to the AV9000 Standard since you took the course and other related topics. 

Step 2.


Step Two

Upload your documentation.

Certificate from the online class, AQAV AV9000 Standard Reports, and RUs.

Citrix Upload screen on Laptop.png

what you should know

  • All information MUST be submitted at one time.

  • Include your name in the title of each and every document to ensure you get credit for each submission, i.e., MMurray_Sub1_CQT, MMurray_Cert_CQT, MMurray_RUs_CQT.

  • Upload the Completion Certificate.

  • Upload 10 RUs (Renewal Units)
    TEN (10) general knowledge renewal credits accumulated at any time during the certification period (the dates are listed on your certificate). Any Renewal Units (RU's) acceptable to AVIXA can also be applied to this renewal. Candidates are required to furnish a copy of the Certificate of Completion for the training for which the RU's are based, or a copy of your AVIXA training profile.  Remember:  Manufacturer-based training counts for double the credit, as we believe that every hour of training should be rewarded.

  • Upload THREE (3) AV9000 Standard Reports
    Submit reports via ShareFile (signed by the candidate, dated within the certification period, one for each year of the certification period), providing evidence of continuing participation in AV technology audits. Reports are subject to review and must include complete subsequent notes. A reviewer may contact the candidate if clarification is required. Reports MUST follow the ORIGINAL AV9000 checklist format (QT043).


    • CQT renewals include an AV9000 summary report of THREE (3) Staging and/or Commissioning Reports.

    • CQD renewals include an AV9000 submission of a summary report of THREE (3) Design Reviews.

AQAV recognizes that all renewal candidates are not given the opportunity to perform Design Review, Staging, or Commissioning tests as part of their job duties.  Many who have taken the training are now in a supervisory or management position that oversees these activities without performing them and their training is being applied in this oversight or management capacity. To renew, supervisors must submit three (3) AV9000 checklists that have been completed by the staff under their supervision. In addition to being signed by the individual performing the tests, the checklists should also be signed by you, as the supervisor, one from each year. (i.e., you received your certification in 2020. One report from each year, 2020, 2021, and 2022.)  By implementing this process, not only will it simplify the re-certification process it will also provide you the opportunity to review the work of your staff. The reviewer retains the right to decline a submitted report if it does not meet the criteria.

Take the Course

All Set!

Upon completion, you will receive an updated certificate via email.

All certifications are good for three (3) years.

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