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AQAV is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that is dedicated to improving the operational art of designing and installing audiovisual technology. We focus on the quality management systems (the “human systems”) that AV companies use to assure consistent quality. We “Point to” applicable standards and best practices developed by AVIXA, AES, SMPTE, and others.

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The Problem

Rapid advancement in AV technology has resulted in more product knowledge than ever before, which merely underscores the need for fundamental education in the operational art form. AVIXA has addressed only individual training, not the requisite quality management of the AV companies performing the services. With AV technology moving from the eclectic to the mainstream of our corporate and educational cultures, the cost of technology exceeds $80B and is steadily growing worldwide. The estimates of the cost of poor quality, defects, lost hours, rework, etc. exceed $15B.


The Solution

Effectively manage quality to assure the client always gets their AV system as it was ordered, in its entirety, and that the system performs at levels as intended, and that it was provided in accordance with best industry practices:

  • By defining standards for quality management systems (AV9000)

  • By providing training on AV quality issues

  • By providing appraisal audits of AV systems

  • By providing appraisal audits of AV companies

Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

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