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Management Principles #10

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Principle 10 (ISO 9000): Discipline and Character

The checklists included in the AV9000 work if they are adhered to. They have been proven time and time again to be thorough enough to catch any defect in an audiovisual system, yet economic enough to be quick to apply. Still, they are written in the language of a checklist. The Standard is nearly devoid of specific instructions on the details of applying the tests. To be applied correctly, it takes a trained "AV Auditor" to fully contemplate the meaning of each test in the checklist, and review the system under test for its true condition. It's easy to give a quick checkmark and move on, especially towards the end of the day when the specialist is tired, inadvertently harassed by other personnel in the room, or under pressure by the customer because the project was delayed and there is insufficient time for adequate testing.

Whatever the real-life conditions, the AV Auditor must remain tenacious and focused on the test at hand. That is why the checklists have an affidavit to be signed by the AV Auditor applying the test as a reminder that his or her integrity is on the line when they sign the affidavit.

An AV Auditor indeed requires integrity, fair presentation, due professional care, and tenacity. He or she must be organized to manage the mountain of minutia that accompanies audio-visual technology.

Consider what would happen if instead of an AV system, the technician is applying due diligence testing to verify the quality of a batch of medicine. Missing a test, taking a shortcut, or skipping over a test simply because there isn't a full understanding of the results could have dire circumstances. People could die. Legal action will undoubtedly result.

Perhaps the consequences might not be as dire when the testing is being applied to an AV system, but this may change as AV technology pervades our culture in life safety systems, emergency operations centers, joint operations centers, and so on.

In short, it's about character. It's about doing the right thing instead of taking shortcuts.

  • Does your company allow personnel to ask questions without fear of reprisal from management?

  • Does management encourage honesty and integrity?

  • Does management follow its own rules?

"Just being honest is not enough. The essential ingredient is executive integrity" - Philip Crosby

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