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"Discerning Questions to Ask Prospective AV Systems Providers."

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

To be a success, the daunting task of procuring something as complex as audiovisual technology relies on how well the Buyer can anticipate that a prospective vendor can and will do a good job. This means on-time delivery, exactly as ordered, performance as expected, and installed with the best practices that will assure the least amount of maintenance. Knowing what questions to ask, and scrutinizing the responses to those questions can avoid long, never-to-be-resolved punch lists, irate meetings, and dissatisfied Users that can threaten your reputation. All vendors purport they will do a good job and have the best intentions of doing so. Today’s Buyer needs to find evidence that the prospective vendor has a trained, equipped team with consistency in the operational arts that can only come from a company with a defined, organized system of processes. Today’s Buyer needs proof that these processes are in place.

  • Question: May we have a copy of your Quality Policy?

  • Question: What is the name of the individual in your company that is accountable for Quality Management?

  • Question: May I see a list of your calibrated field instrumentation?

  • Question: Describe the Processes you have in place to assure compliance with the specifications?

  • Question: What evidence do you have that these processes meet customer specifications?

  • Question: What certifications do you have with regards to this process?

  • Question: What processes do you have for corrective actions?

  • Question: Can you provide references from current AND former clients who did business with you for at least 2 years?

AV Systems take a while to produce and install, and oftentimes defects do not show up right away. A Buyer wants to see evidence that good communications and performances are maintained throughout ownership, and that the vendor will continue to support the system well after it is installed.

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