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Do Your Homework! How Much Did That Last AV System REALLY Cost You?

Although the AV9000 Standard is written for, and in the language of, the AV Users, arguably the largest benefactor of compliance is the AV Company that adopts it. Getting the actual numbers on things usually uncovers issues that go far beyond the scope one initially imagines. With AV Technology procurement costing over ten percent of a capital budget (not including real estate or electrical installation), and about half of that in labor, the numbers that matter really build up. Everyone has his or her stories of “AV Disasters”.

Are you also aware that the Costs of Poor Quality (“COPQ”) are somewhat “hidden”, as we say in class, "hidden, yes, but certainly not invisible"? It is necessary that we quantify the results of our processes in order to continue to improve, cut costs, and improve the system performance for the Users. COPQ calculator was designed to help quantify the COPQ. Its purpose is to create an analysis tool that can be used after each AV project. In this way, you can help determine the true cost of the project, and perhaps provide a useful mechanism for dealing with your price-conscious internal administration on the value of Quality Management.

Now you know what it has cost, how do you fix it?

Get a copy of the RFP Boilerplate.

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