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Quality Champion Award

Each year AQAV recognizes companies that embark down that daunting path of forging Quality into their very essence. These companies establish a system of organized processes in order to assure quality for their customers, manage information and provide for continual improvement that is the very definition of Quality management. it starts with an enlightened management that recognizes the value of quality, which then identifies a Champion that becomes authorized to transcend normal organizational lines and bring their special skills of Coach, Information Systems Engineer, Listener, and Leader. These Champions also have the articulation to actually create a paper model for their companies in which information and material flow in a consistent manner, and instill the discipline for all to follow and improve the plan. Whereas we recognize these Champions, we must also recognize that the Champion cannot endure without that enlightened management to back that Champion. That combined management team is what brings quality to the customer . To these companies "Better Quality through Marketing" just doesn't cut it. They actually do what they say.

Tom Iasiello, CQT, CTS

The 2018 recipient winner is Tom Iasiello

​"Tom has been leading the charge against mediocrity in Av. He holds himself to the highest standards and inspires those around him to excel in all aspects of quality management."

Along with his undeniable talent, Tom has always been an absolute joy to work with. He is a true team player and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other individuals in addition to being a dedicated and knowledgeable manager.

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